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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here's your update Hud

The hay is in the barn as I like to say. I ran 21 miles yesterday, which is 5 miles longer than is healthy and three miles farther than I intended. But it was nice out, I felt good and I really wanted one last long run to boost my confidence.

Now I'm going to sit on the couch for week and hope for the best. I'm hoping for a couple minutes either way of three hours, but I'm going to be patient for the first half if it kills me.

The weather looks good, and a reward of a post-race trip to NYC awaits. HUZZAH!

PS Oh I had a diconcertingly shitty Shamrock Shuffle. 31.42 for 8K. Didn't feel good for a couple weeks after that. Gross.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I had this dream that I was sneaking into Tiger Stadium with the old sports editor of the Grand Rapids Press, old Channel 8 sports anchor Warren Reynolds and Thomas Hayden Church.

We were getting walking out what would have been the Michigan and Trumbull exit when I saw a cop waiting on Michigan and writing tickets for people as they left the building. I couldn't afford a ticket so I bolted out an exit in center field that emptied out into this nice-looking but somewhat unkempt subdivision of starter homes.

Then I was in one of the houses, in an upstairs bedroom where two old ladies were trying to convince an old silent film star to die. Her head was partly covered in plaster, and there was no skull covering the part that was exposed. Over her head was a sepia-toned photographed of the actress from her glory days. I was reading a book about Sunset Boulevard before I went to bed.

Then I dreamed Emily was trying to shoot me in the kneecap because I hadn't experienced enough pain in the course of my dating life. She grinned in a kidding fashion right before the real Emily woke me up because I was trying to fight her off in my sleep.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

79 days to go: 12.6 miles at 7:16 pace

This run is interesting only because I was a little perplexed about why the pace of my easy runs has slowed. Usually I run 7.1X without thinking too much about it. But since I've been paying attention my natural pace has been much slower. It kind of made me wonder if I'm getting old, but I always wonder that.

More likely I'm just taking a while to get used to the bumps in mileage.

Next week I think 'm going to start adding how many calories I burn on my runs. Isn't that exciting?

Day: 12.6
Week: 28.49
Month: 28.49
Year: I don't know

Sunday, January 31, 2010

79 days to go: 10.5 miles at 7:39 pace

The second half of the week featured my first two-a-day (4.3 in the morning, 10.1 in the p.m. Friday) a trip to Detroit and my first 60-mile week since whenever. Took Monday off.

This week I'm going to aim for 70 miles, with a 20-mile long run. Next week I'm funna dial back to 60 and finally add in a track workout.

Day: 10.5
Week: 60.4
Month: nunyo business.
Year: I don't know

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

83 days to go: 14 miles at oh my god pace

That foul bitch winter is back. 14 miles in bone chilling cold and wind and snow. It was maybe 7:15 effort but not in actuality, since the footing was so bad. It makes me happy to get medium long runs in though. Confident.

Day: 14.1
Week: 21.1 (Monday off)
Month: nunyo business.
Year: I don't know

Sunday, January 24, 2010

85 days to go: Nice week, relatively

I did a nice long run on Friday. 18 miles at about 7:10 pace, most of it on the lake path but even when I was in the city I didn't hit many lights. The rest of it was mostly low-to middle distance garbage. Doing some 1200s at the track tomorrow and an MP run at the end. With one medium long run somewhere in there.

This week: 57 and change. Boom.
This year: Don't ask, yet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

88 days to go: Here's where we're at

Well we're inside of three months til Boston and things aren't all bad. In December I came down with my first ever case of strep throat and that set me back BUT GOOD. Running was a huge chore for a couple weeks. But I've been going well since around the New Year and am looking forward to some race-specific training, starting with tomorrow's long run.

My mileage totals are too embarrassing to post right now, but when they get more respectable, I'll post them with impunity.

Also, as a mini-incentive deal-io I registered for my first ever Shamrock Shuffle 8k on March 21. It will be my first race at that distance since college. Since I'll be in the middle of my peak mileage phase (hopefully) at that point I don't expect a peak performance. But it will be fun and fast and I should be fit enough to run respectably. That is all for now.